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David J. Vigna

I began my legal career in 1980, working first in the area of poverty law, where I tried bench and jury cases while still in law school, working for an agency that allowed such under special court rules.  

I moved on to general civil practice, then banking and commercial law in 1985, where I spent the next 17 years providing commercial loan counseling and transactional assistance to two major Detroit area banks, and handled commercial litigation at the trial and appellate levels, up to and including the Michigan Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals.  I was the lead attorney in several reported appellate decisions in the field of commercial law throughout the state and federal judicial systems.  

I then served as General Counsel to Greenfield Commercial Credit LLC, a specialty finance company, for 10 years, where I handled most of the documentation for loan transactions across the country, monitored the company's risk management, and supervised outside counsel in the United States and Canada.   

I live on a lake in Waterford, Michigan with Kitty, who is a Registered Nurse and my childhood sweetheart and wife of 40+ years, and our dogs, and enjoy visits with our children and grandchildren as often as they let us.  If you would like to learn more about my personal background and interests, you can find it in the Personal tab above.

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Office and Affiliations

I work out of my home office overlooking beautiful, inspiring Lotus Lake in Oakland County, Michigan.  I have used this office intermittently for the past 10 years.  Whenever I needed to focus on solving a complicated problem for a client, I retired here.  The natural beauty and serenity provided the clarity needed to get to  the answer.    Many people might find it hard to believe immersion in nature would yield such "practical" results, but it has.  This is my full time office now.  When needed, I go to my clients.  I have access to traditional office facilities in the rare occasion they are needed. 


I also own a copywriting business.  As a B2B copywriter, I leverage decades of research and persuasive writing to help businesses tell their stories and increase sales, especially in the legal and tech industries.  I also help fundraisers with their donor messages.  Feel free to visit my website at

I am also proud to be affiliated with my good friends at Greenfield Partners.