Jon Rye, Entrepreneur

 “My professional relationship with David Vigna spans over fifteen years. His knowledge of the law is tremendous. He is a man of the highest integrity and moral rectitude. In the course of my close association with him, I have come to admire in him the qualities of frankness, absolute honesty and sound judgment. We have found our companies have been well served by David over many years.”

Don Barr, Banker, co-founder of Greenfield Commercial Credit LLC

“I have known Dave Vigna for 20 years.  During this time Dave has acted as an advisor and counselor to me, my former business, and my current business.   Dave is a seasoned attorney who always strives to meet his clients needs promptly.  He handles routine loan closings efficiently, always meeting our closing deadlines while being mindful of the cost.  He has an ability to find solutions to sticky issues when the answers are not readily apparent.  Dave is always mindful of the costs of litigation and in my view does a very good job of mitigating same.  Dave has successfully helped us navigate thru some tough situations due in no small part to his ability to separate facts from noise. I would not hesitate to use Dave for legal work.  In fact one of the first people I reached out to when I was starting Mackinac Commercial Credit was Dave Vigna.  We have been using Dave for legal work since our inception and plan to continue.”

Gregory Suhajda, President, Business Intelligence Group, Mackinac Partners

“I have known and worked closely with Mr. David Vigna for almost eight years.  He is a genuinely good man and someone I would strongly recommend both for his legal prowess and his integrity.  He cares for his family and his clients and demonstrates an innate quality to listen.  A trait that is often lost in today’s constant rush to judgment.”

Kenneth M. Greene, Carruthers & Roth, Greensboro, North Carolina

“David combines the attributes of being a skilled lawyer and an experienced business counselor.  He is the go to guy when seeking advice on any aspect of a financing transaction.”

Steven Tomasello, Executive Vice President, Crestmark Bank

"I have worked with Dave Vigna on many transactions.  Dave takes the time to understand your objective and works with all parties to provide the best legal solution while minimizing cost."

Stephen D. Reichmuth, Regional Vice President, Mackinac Commercial Credit, Dallas, Texas

“Dave and I worked together for 8 years, during which time we collaborated on about 30 new business transactions.  In addition, Dave provided counsel on numerous other occasions, both on new business and issues with existing clients.  He was always prompt, efficient and thorough, and at the same time approached his work with an attitude that was always 100% professional, even in contentious or adversarial situations.  Also, Dave combined an unusual awareness of the business aspect of his legal work, and he approached each negotiation from the position of finding a solution that was fair and reasonable for all.  His thought process was always “How can we make this work?”, as opposed to “how many reasons can I find to say no?”.  In the transactional segment of the legal industry, that’s altogether too rare.  Dave is imminently qualified and always a pleasure to work with.

John and Lynne Cobb, Royal Oak, Michigan.

“Returning from Iraq in 2006, I was unemployed for over seven months.  We became buried in the debt that had mounted in the previous year while trying to survive, which then led to not being able to pay our mortgage.  David took the time to help my wife and me through a difficult period.  His mentoring and coaching through the complicated mortgage processes was invaluable. It and contributed to helping us save the house and manage a great deal of stress. Thank you, Dave, for the pro-bono work and for helping us to save our home. It is a great example of “Veterans helping Veterans.”

Kurt Jones, Lawyer

“I had the pleasure of working with Dave at Michigan National Bank’s legal department for more than 15 years. During that time, Dave spent many hours in various courts enforcing the Bank’s loan documents and collecting defaulted loans. While it is one thing to vaguely know the ultimate test of a contract is whether it is enforceable in court, it is quite another to have years of experience in enforcing loan documents in front of a judge or jury. Dave brings that experience to every loan document or contract he drafts, reviews, or negotiates. Moreover, his years at the Bank and later at Greenfield Commercial Credit have taught him that a lawyer not only needs to provide the desired results, but must do so in a timely and cost effective manner. Dave knows that “winning” a case involving a $10,000 issue three years after the case was filed at a cost of $20,000 in legal fees is not helpful to the client, a lesson which many lawyers in private practice have a hard time learning. I envy Dave his experience as general counsel at Greenfield Commercial Credit. As general counsel, every legal issue his company faced would have crossed his desk. As the sole internal lawyer at his company, David has years of experience in deciding which issues to handle personally and which issues a specialist would handle more efficiently. Dave has also developed a network of lawyers who are experts in all kinds of legal problems. In addition, Dave has spent years supervising other lawyers to make sure they provide timely and cost effective solutions. Given the skills Dave has developed over his decades of practice, I believe any small or medium size business would find his counsel invaluable.”

Concert pianist and recording artist Greg Edmond

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Vigna for a few years now.   He has counseled me from a business perspective in a variety of areas; music, business contracts, real estate and work related issues.  I have many clients who are attorneys that specialize in a variety of areas and as a result, could go to any one of them for legal advice.  However, at the end of the day when it comes to making business decisions, Dave Vigna's advice is more valuable to me than most attorneys I've dealt with in the past.  Dave always puts his client's needs first and foremost.  You will be amazed as to how knowledgeable and articulate he is on implementing a business strategy that is tailored to the requirements and desires of the patron.  When a client calls, there's no lag time.  Dave's response time is immediate and with an answer that is advantageous to the needs of the client.  A person who engages the professional advice and services of Mr. Vigna will not feel like another client; they will feel like family.  When it comes to business and legal issues look no further; Dave Vigna goes to the front of the line and gets the job done right the first time.  I give him my highest recommendation."