Legal Project Management

A New Model for Legal Services

Ala Carte selection of lawyers by clients for specific needs often leads to miscommunication of the needs of the client, and runaway legal fees, frustrating clients by unmet expectations, and their lawyers, who usually want a long term relationship  and know that is threatened if the client is unhappy.  

In-house counsel can be very effective at managing the process and making sure expectations and results are managed.  

But not every business can afford in-house counsel.  For those businesses, a Legal Project Manager (also referred to as an outside General Counsel) can be very effective, especially where the Manager takes the time to know the company well.  

And this is what I offer to my business clients.  By putting more than three decades of legal practice to work for them, as their Legal Project Manager, their "go to" lawyer for counseling, for risk management, and action to solve perceived, threatened or actual legal problems.  

I've spent the past thirty five years practicing law in many diverse settings, from poverty law to corporate counsel and private practice.

 I've represented poor, single mothers on the verge of eviction, counseled presidents of small and large corporations, and argued cases at every State and Federal level with the exception of the United States Supreme Court.   

I'v also been a consumer of legal services, as General Counsel for a national commercial finance company, where I've hired and fired lawyers.  It is the culmination of this experience that enables me to confidently act as Legal Project Manager to my clients.

Who Does The Work?

Given my experience, I can solve most problems.  Where I cannot, I have a deep, broad network of excellent lawyers across the country I trust in virtually all disciplines.  In those cases I act as the intermediary to insure my clients get the results they need.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  


I try to avoid hourly billing.  My clients (and I) prefer fixed prices, and that's what we will strive for.  It's usually possible, but where it isn't, we'll both have a clear understanding of the hourly rate and as close to a projected range as practicable.